Joe Gideon & the Shark perform “Poor Born” for Tank Magazine

To directly quote the magazine (couldn’t say it better ourselves): “Brother and sister duo Joe Gideon & the Shark are next to take the centre stage for Radio Tank Live. These musical siblings first came into our orbit with their beat-fuelled debut Harum Scarum back in 2009. There’s the handsome Joe Gideon, who channels the aura of a modern-day beatnik as he takes the listener on journeys of adventurous mishap with wry wit and charm. Switching between his guitar and bass, he produces foot stomping punk/garage/bluesy riffs. Then we have the mesmerising Viva, otherwise known as The Shark, who drives each track with her drumming, multi-instrumentalist skills and backing vocals. An inspiration of artistry and grace, she also incorporates rhythmic dance moves that make her drumming style like no other, a nod to her days as an Olympic ribbon dancer.

Click here to see the fantastic live session.

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