Bronze Rat is delighted to re-issue the Carl Johns catalogue, a veritable banquet which includes the classic melodious indie-pop of Charlemagne, and the countrified pop of Noahjohn.  Carl’s unique and easy way streams through all of his music, which made him a celebrated leading light in the alt-Americana revival at the turn of the millenium.  Tuck in to 8 wonderful releases here from 1999 to present.

All of these wonderful records are available now over at iTunes and Amazon MP3 (and other digital retailers):

Noah John – Tadpoles  iTunes / Amazon

Noah John – Water Hymns  iTunes / Amazon

Noah John – Had A Burning  iTunes / Amazon 

Eugene Chadboune & Noah John  iTunes / Amazon

Charlemagne – s/t  iTunes / Amazon

Charlemagne – Detour Allure  iTunes / Amazon 

Carl Johns – Exile On Schley Pass  iTunes / Amazon

Charlemagne – We Can Build An Island  iTunes / Amazon 

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