• March 11, 2014

    BR36 : GEMMA RAY “DEATH DISC” featuring ALAN VEGA. Super-limited 7” picture disc marvel. 750 copies.

    BR37: THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION: “She’s On It/Jack The Ripper”. Super-limited 12” wax. 750 copies

    First off: A brand new splatter platter from Gemma Ray!! The “Death Disc” features two teenage tragedies in song form. Motorbike is a hard-hitting road-killing tearjerker that rolls noisily into the night with a helping hand from………Alan Vega of Suicide ladies and gentlemen. B-Side Waving At Mirrors is a warning cry to all vanity drivers and sounds like it could’ve been recorded in  Nashville’s Music City Mortuary. And with  picture disc art created by celebrated Aussie artist Lucy Dyson , it’s too gorgeous to stash. Buy it, play it, rip it, frame it!!
    News Just In: Gemma will be performing  an exclusive RSD in-store at  the insitution that is David’s, Letchworth, England. 3pm, April 19th 2014.

    Death Disc

    And…..are you ready? The JSBX will be dropping an old-school, bad-ass 12″ single of their Beastie Boys-Link Wray mash-up She’s On It-Jack The Ripper, which has terrorized and astounded audiences LIVE the world over.  And very soon, the Blues Explosion will re-enter the recording studio to continue work on their next Long Player! News Just In: JSBX hit these shores once more in May for some shows. UK/Ireland, Benelux, Spain, and Tourettes De France, plus US tour and Coachella in April. Dates HERE. 

    Let’s face it, this shit is  far too good for stuffing into a solitary April Saturday shopping panic. It’s timeless gold. But we are doing our bit. If you fall ill , or can’t take the time to mingle and wax lyrical with your wax junkie kinfolk, we’re pretty sure there’ll be other opportunities to purchase these exquisite items online at super-inflated prices from some phillistine or other. However, if we were you, we wouldn’t chance it. Go to your nearest indie, get in, get it, and get out before you get bumrushed into a raffle draw (first prize: a tote full of CD-R’s, Jaegermeister stickers, Union Jack plectrums, and other minor  contributions to the melting of the icecaps). The great thing is though, you are allowed to listen to these records outside of RSD, on any day of the week. So it’s a minor inconvenience. April 19th 2014.





  • February 7, 2014

    Click on the image below to be taken to Miraculous Mule’s session at Daytrotter, recorded at the back end of 2013 in London.

    The band perform live versions of:

    Early In the Mornin’
    Run On
    Prettiest Train

  • February 5, 2014

    Available now on LP (with CD), with artwork by Lucy Dyson.

    Buy here.

  • December 12, 2013

    The opening number from JG&tS’ second record, “Freakish”, has been transformed into a creepy, hi-tech noir battle by director Rebecca Salvadori.  You can see the video via Clash Magazine by clicking below:

    And here are some stills to entice you in…

    Joe GideonThe Shark

  • November 27, 2013

    Thats right, Miraculous Mule are starting 2014 in style – on tour in France as part of Les Nuits De Alligator Festival, then onward into, Belgium, Holland, Germany and switzerland. Go to one of their sermons here:

    11/02 – Angers, Chabada, France
    12/02 – Paris, Maroquinerie, France
    13/02 – Orléans, Astrolabe, France
    14/02 – St Malo, Nouvelle Vague, France
    15/02 – La Roche sur Yon, Le Fuzz Yon, France

    27/02 – Moorslede, De Nodige Deugd, Belgium
    28/02 – Middleburg, Kaffee t Hof, Netherlands
    01/03 – Haarlem, Patronaat, Netherlands
    05/03 – Munich, Milla, Germany
    06/03 – Karlsruhe KOHI, Germany
    07/03 – Bern, Cafe Kairo, Switzerland
    08/03 – Zürich, El Lokal, Switzerland
    10/03 – Dresden, Beatpol, Germany
    11/03 – Frankfurt, Ponyhof Club, Germany
    12/03 – Hamburg, Molotow Bar, Germany
    13/03 – Berlin, Privatclub, Germany
    14/03 – Hannover, Cafe Glocksee, Germany

  • November 19, 2013


    Roman Polanski’s 1967 film Dance of the Vampires (as it was originally called, but more widely known by its re-named title The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck) is a camp horror cult classic. Though it was marketed at the time as a ‘farce’, this was overlooking the fact that this film is fantastically eerie. The major part played by the soundtrack in giving it this effect cannot be under-stated, and the cold-as-snow production did much to enhance the bleak wintery cinematography.

    Polish jazz legend Krzysztof Komeda (1931-1969) provided the mesmeric score, as he did for a run of Polanki’s films from this period, namely Knife in the WaterRosemary’s Baby, and Cul-de-Sac. These Polanski scores are of course his most known, but Komeda (also a fully qualified doctor) scored over 40 other lesser known soundtracks which deserve attention (eg Le Départ), as well as being responsible for the Komeda Quintet album Astigmatic, a jazz masterpiece. His untimely death before he even hit 40 has robbed us of god-knows-what.

    Whilst this particular soundtrack is not typical Komeda and arguably one of his less fluid ‘records’ when taken out of context from the film it augmented, it is nevertheless the work of a genius and more than worthy of its first ever vinyl release. How we got there first in 2013 we’ll never understand. If those sinister choirs or skulking bass motifs fail to give you the chill – we declare thee as undead as Count von Krolock himself!

  • October 29, 2013

    News just in! Gemma Ray will play a special  one-off performance of the album Down Baby Down at Imperial Club, Berlin on December 4th, 2013, with a special cast of musicians, including Bad Seed Thomas Wydler on drums. Gemma will then be performing an extra intimate set of brand new songs and old favourites. So…two concerts in one! This is an exclusive event in conjunction with Radio Eins. Get your tickets here  or here.

    gemma berlin

  • October 14, 2013

    Joe Gideon & the Shark hit the road this week supporting The Jim Jones Revue. Details here:

    FRI 18 : Newbury, Arlington Arts Centre
    SAT 19 : Bristol, Thekla
    SUN 20 : Brighton, The Haunt
    MON 21 : Cardiff, The Globe
    TUES 22 : Plymouth, White Rabbit
    WED 23 : London, Brixton Electric

  • September 16, 2013

    And here it is.

    And in their words: “Miraculous Mule may be ‘blues-based’ – but THINK about it: Led Zeppelin. A teensy bit bluesy. Free. One foot in the Mississippi. ZZ Top. Part John Lee Hooker, part getting-drunk-with-hookers.”  We’re in.

    See more:

  • September 12, 2013

    Gemma Ray is confirmed to play the following dates (* = supporting Seasick Steve).

    11 Oct 2013 Nijmegen – Vereniging NL *
    13 Oct 2013 Den Haag – Paard van Troje NL *
    14 Oct 2013 Groningen – Oosterpoort NL *
    16 Oct 2013 Utrecht – Vredenburg NL *
    18 Oct 2013 Paris – Alhambra FR *
    20 Oct 2013 Hamburg – Fabrik DE *
    21 Oct 2013 Copenhagen – Vega DK *
    23 Oct 2013 Eindhoven – Effenaar NL *
    24 Oct 2013 Bruges – Charlie Rockets BE (Gemma Ray headline show)
    25 Oct 2013 Leuven – Depot BE *
    26 Oct 2013 Wiesbaden – Cafe Klatsch (Gemma Ray headline show)
    27 Oct 2013 Luxembourg – Rockhal LU *
    28 Oct 2013 Cologne – Stollwerk DE *
    29 Oct 2013 Cologne – Lotta DE (Gemma Ray headline show)
    30 Oct 2013 Munich – Alte Kongresshalle DE *
    31 Oct 2013 Darmstadt – Centralstation DE *

    1 Nov 2013 Thun – Mokka CH (Gemma Ray headline show)
    2 Nov 2013 Zurich – Komplex 457 CH *
    3 Nov 2013 Tübingen – Hausbar Muenzgasse 13 DE (Gemma Ray headline show)
    4 Nov 2013 Stuttgart – Longhorn DE *
    7 Nov 2013 Trix – Antwerp BE *

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